Psychologists as scientists apply the scientific method to understand the complex relationship between brain, environment and behavior. As we are trained in the scholar practitioner model we base our practice on current research on human behavior and mental health.


Psychological assessment can include numerous components such as battery of norm-referenced psychological tests, informal tests and surveys, case history interview information, school or medical records and observational data.


Continued education represents a vital aspect of the Psychological Sciences; striving to further educate oneself in the broad field of psychology is essential. We believe in the significance of continued education (postgraduate programmes, formal workshops and seminars, training programmes) to enhance an individual’s potential to apply the science of psychology.


Psychotherapy and counseling can be defined as a purposive interaction between a therapist and one or more clients on alleviating issues related to disorders of thinking, emotional suffering, or problems of behavior and promotion of positive personality growth and development.

Psychological Sciences Institute (PSI) is an organisation committed to applying the science of psychology to support and enhance individuals’ wellbeing.

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