Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Clinical/ Counseling Psychology Internships 

Defining Internships

Internships are highly valued training programmes, enriching a student’s competency in acquiring skills in Applied Psychology. Internships support a Clinical/Counseling Psychologist’s profession, by maintaining high quality training standards; therefore producing skilled and competent entrants to the field.  Further, the economically disadvantaged population have access to psychotherapy/counselling services by means of an internship; a registered clinical psychologist supervises interns whilst strict adherence to quality and accountability is upheld.  

Internships – added value

There has been a void in psychology internship opportunities in Sri Lanka; we, at PSI, seek to alleviate this by providing applied-knowledge driven internships for students. Our governing premise, is to train students in areas not limited to case history taking and diagnosis of mental illness; departing from conventional training methods students receive at psychiatric units in hospitals and clinics. Clinical/Counseling Psychology interns are expected to acquire skills in:-      

- The use/administration of standardised Psycho – metric & Psycho – Diagnostic Tests

-   Case formulation  

These skills will enable students to deduce a reliable and valid diagnosis, while providing psychotherapy and counselling to help clients effectively cope with, and in some instances, resolve their psychological predicament.   

Psychology Internships in Sri Lanka – Why choose PSI? 

Due to limitations, psychiatric units/clinics in Sri Lanka lack the required Psycho – metric and Psycho – diagnostic tools to train with. Moreover, our country experiences a deficit in the number of exhaustively - trained clinical and counselling psychologists supervising and mentoring students.  We appoint meticulously trained, experienced clinical/counselling psychologists to uphold superior quality and standards in supervision and training of students. Our objectives are to ensure students gain a comprehensive understanding of the use of case history taking, mental status examination, psycho –metric and psycho – diagnostic testing, in the construction of case formulation. At the completion of the internship, students are equipped with a well-rounded and holistic set of skills in psychological testing and training.      

What Psychological Sciences Institute provide


- Fully equipped Psychology Lab with psychometric and psycho-diagnostic tools for assessments.

-Fully equipped Assessment and Therapy rooms to ensure comfort and confidentiality.

-Fully equipped Seminar room for case presentation, discussions and training.

-Fully equipped Child Guidance Centre for Neurodevelopmental disorders  


-Clinical Supervision by qualified clinical psychologists

-Psychometric and psycho diagnostic assessment training

-Psychotherapy and Counseling training  


Please fill in the below application form, and submit along with relevant documents via email - dewaka@psisl.org or drop it off at the institute.