Study Psychology

Study Psychology 

Do you have a keen interest in learning about the human mind and behaviour? Why not pursue a degree in Psychology? Get an internationally accepted degree in Sri Lanka from Kaatsu International University (KIU). KIU now offers a BSc Honours degree in Psychology.

The KAATSU International for Undergraduate-studies (KIU) is fully committed to provide local and international students with the highest quality education with pioneering degrees and world class facilities in Sri Lanka. The courses will provide you with a platform to launch your dream career in the chosen field of study. We have created an environment that stimulates the mind and encourages the pursuit of knowledge.

Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology degree programme is designed to provide you with a thorough knowledge on the basics of Psychology as well as in intricate areas such as abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology and criminological psychology. Our degree programme places great emphasis on what the demands of the Sector are and therefore  our courses are intended to address areas such as sport psychology and health psychology as well.

Thus KIU will be offering a Curriculum which was locally developed and has the approval of the UGC. The programme is delivered by a panel of PhD, MPhil and MSc qualified lecturers who hold the highest qualifications  in the field of psychology. Most lecturers are Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) registered professionals in the field of clinical psychology and have published research studies in international medical journals.
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